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We live in the digital era… We always have a camera in our pocket, purse, hand‚ It is so easy to record our memories, and to lose them‚ left on a coffee table, on the tube or just because the system failed. How would you feel if you have lost all those adorable pictures of your child‚ first smile? What about that amazing holiday? So many moments we trust technology with, that are not palpable.

Do you remember the feeling going through your photo albums at your parents‚ house? It gave you so much joy! All family gathered around, laughing about that very moment when that picture was taken. Would you like your children to have the same? Wouldn’t be amazing in twenty years’ time you could go through that special album, made by you, with your loved ones? Would you still remember which mobile phone were you using at that time. Don’t take this wrong, we love technology and what it provides us every day, but thinking about the long term, we don’t want our memories to slip through our fingers.

The idea behind this traditional album came from a new mum who couldn’t resist taking daily photos of her baby (like we all do), until the mobile phone’s memory got full! She could upload all photos to the cloud, of course! But be honest, how many of us turn on our laptop or tablet to view our kids’ photos from when they were babies, our trips, our marriage! She wanted a photo album like the ones that she loves to leaf through at her parent’s house. To see, revisit those moment when she wanted, share with family and friends, to feel. After looking everywhere for an album to keep a photo a day from her baby and couldn’t find any album to suit the requirements she had in mind. So she designed her custom made photo album.


With letterpressed cloth hardcover, 52 self-adhesive pages (one per week), marker ribbon, there is no way of getting it wrong. The custom designed stickers (52 weeks and 12 months) will help you to bookmark each page and also leave small memos written by you. The high quality 100% cotton bag will keep your album safe for eternity. You can wash it, personalize it and put your own stamp to it!

Now she wants to share it with other mums, dads, grand parents, friends, wives, husbands, travellers, fiancées, …
Who want to keep their next 365 days remembered forever, like she does!


No other photo album like it on the Market!
Unique albums, stickers and storage bag.


Perfect for Everybody.  Your album made by you.
For mums and dads, children, families, friends, travellers….


The best materials for a top Product,
100% cotton fabric on cover and bag




There are 52 pages so you can document each week. I managed to squeeze 7 pictures into a page so I have a picture of my baby from every day.

So good, I bought another album!

James F

Got this album as a wedding gift and the idea is to start recording the 1st year of our lives together. With 52 pages, 1 for each week, we are taking a couple of pictures each week (usually on weekends) and then updating the album. You can also write on it or just use the stickers that come with the album or buy different ones. I found some more stickers from the same seller and I”m getting the ones with the hearts and the travel collection. So far very happy with the gift.


Excellent initiative…
Can’t find it anywhere!

Magda Silva

Bom dia

Ainda não tinha dito nada mas já tenho os álbuns e adoro.

Agora falta o trabalho de os preencher!

obrigada e parabéns pelo projeto


Muito obrigada…
Adorei o álbum o desenho e as letras. Ficou muito giro.
Vou recomendar às minhas amigas que queiram um álbum.

Milene Mi

Já recebi. tá lindo, tal como nas fotos.

Obrigado pelo carinho e simpatia!


É muito giro. Gostei muito

Nádia Rasteiro

Pronto para começar a ser usado
Gostei imenso.

Helena Azeiteiro

Recebi a minha encomenda My365album e os artigos são muito mais bonitos “ao Vivo”!!    O Atendimento foi Fantástico e a entrega Super Rápida!! ??? Gostei mesmo Muito… Os produtos têm Muita Qualidade!!… Considero Um Óptimo Investimento!!    www.my365album.com Um Enorme Beijinho!!??? Super Recomendo!!

Vanessa Rosado

Obrigada por tudo! Desde o primeiro momento foram super prestáveis e a encomenda chegou logo no dia seguinte.
Os álbuns são maravilhosos! Qualidade excelente.
Estou ansiosa para começar a organizar as nossas memórias ❤️ obrigada!
E até à próxima! Irei fazer mais encomendas!

Joana Oliveira

Um álbum simplesmente fantástico, muito divertido e excelente qualidade. Atendimento 5*

Ângela Marques

A my365album é fantástica, super disponível.Os álbuns são lindos, lindos, mto versáteis ?

Tânia Marques

Absolutely adore this book. Have done pictures week by week for the first year of my little ones life and it is a lovely keepsake. The stickers and the bag are great touches.

Amazon Costumer

Love this product will defo purchase more

Amazon Costumer